Annual Reports

The Year 2018 was a busy year with continuing changes for the reform as well as focusing on our national re-accreditation. We accomplished program revisions, built new partnerships and continued our path toward excellence. Highlighted accomplishments for 2018 include:
• With licensing standard revisions, we updated and improved our foster care program.
• We successfully converted over half of our families to meet the new standards.
• Began a volunteer program with active recruitment of amazing volunteers.
• Obtained several community grants including money toward our fence through Deacon Charitable Foundation and lighting for safety through the SMUD Shine Grant.
• Created a more robust PQI program, to monitor and evaluate the success of our program.
• Developed a new program, “Bridges for Tomorrow” serving children and
families who are in the family court system.
• Successfully achieved re-accreditation through the Counsel on Accreditation.