Family Testimonials


I’ve been with them for 17 years. Only one [agency] I’ve ever been with. I love it! They’re fair, helpful, dependable, and the greatest one [agency] out there. The people are great; they’re just like family!

Wanda Bolton

My favorite part of the agency is their open door policy; they take it to another level. They make the office OUR office, not just the staff. We’re able to come in at anytime and talk; they value our input. Never swept anything under the rug.

Secret Brooks


A lot of support! Social Workers are always very supportive to us. You can call the agency at all times and they will always support you. I love the training, and the attitudes are always uplifting- encourages the foster parents.

Viola Brown


Been with them for a long time. All throughout the years they’ve been very supportive and helpful!

Francis Jackson


Been with them for 16 years. They’re awesome! Training is there, and if not they will find it and provide it for us. They are incredibly supportive; that’s why my wife and I are still there.

Sandy Puleo


We’ve been with them since 1997, and throughout all these years we’ve only had two different social workers. They are consistent with they’re support and I appreciate their continuity, encouragement, and knowing that they will always be there- through the good and the bad. They support foster parents and our children all the time.

Frankie Crawford


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