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Delivering outstanding foster care lies at the heart of our mission. Children placed in certified FosterHope Sacramento foster homes receive the highest priority of care, including the following services:

  • Placement: A FosterHope social worker is available at any time to make a suitable match. FosterHope accepts emergency and temporary placements.
  • Assessment: A case manager supervises assessment of the foster child’s immediate needs and assists the in-home social worker and foster family in creating a treatment plan.
  • Treatment Team: Everyone involved in the foster child’s placement is part of the treatment team, including the foster parents, county and FosterHope social workers, and case manager. The team meets every 90 days to review the child’s progress and revise the treatment plan goals as necessary.
  • Reports: FosterCare staff provide formal, written reports on each foster child to the county social worker.
  • Permanency Planning: No foster child gets left in the system. In FosterHope’s care, every child is actively involved in a reunification plan, adoption or guardianship plan, or emancipation plan. This permanency planning is supported with supervised visitation, cooperative alliances with adoption agencies, or enrollment in an emancipation program to provide ongoing stability beyond foster care.


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