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This is a supervised visitation program.  FHS offers paid, supervised visitation for anyone who has court-ordered visitation needs.  For more information, contact Elizabeth East at (916) 737-1481 x. 108 or email her at


Regular training groups provide essential, hands-on tools to help in dealing with the special needs of foster children. These groups offer the opportunity to network with experienced foster caregivers and form friendships within FosterHope Sacramento.

Recertification, first aid training, therapy, and counseling programs, all with no fees or charge backs

Treatment-level Foster Care

An alternative to group home placement for children and youth. The young people in our care often experience emotional and behavioral challenges as a result of past abuse and are in need of more supportive services to help them heal and remain in a family environment. Many of the children have suffered the trauma of multiple foster or group home placements. The majority of children placed in out of home care are placed in Treatment Level Foster homes which includes Whole Family Foster homes and Non-Minor Dependent foster homes. FosterHope Sacramento provides trained foster families and offers supportive in home services for these children in order to help maintain them in a less restrictive family setting. Treatment level foster care is not the same as Intensive treatment foster care, also known as ITFC. FosterHope Sacramento currently does not have an intensive treatment foster care program.

Whole Family Foster Care

An optional certification in foster care. Whole Family Homes are for pregnant and parenting foster youth and their infant/child. The goal of the program is to help the minor parent develop the skills necessary to provide a safe, stable, and permanent home for his/her infant (child). A Whole Family Foster Parent is both a caregiver and a mentor to the parenting adolescent.

Non-Minor Dependent (NMD’s) Foster Homes

Youth ages 18 – 21 who are now eligible to remain in foster care. The goals are to maintain a safety net of support while allowing the youth to experiencing independence in a secure and supervised living environment and to provide extended time for the youth in becoming better prepared for successful transition into adulthood and self‐sufficiency through education and employment training opportunities. Families interested in caring for these youth can obtain certification through our program.


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