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Children in foster care face many challenges, but the greatest life challenge is for those youth who do not return to their family or get adopted, in turn, they end up aging out of foster care with little or no support.

Foster2Foster provides peer to peer mentoring to current foster/probation youth ages 12 and up from former foster/probation youth (or those with adverse child experiences) to make a positive impact on their lives.

JTRC Youth and Family Program

The JTRC Program is designed to help youth regain control of their lives, reach personal goals, achieve academic success and develop positive social outlets.

The Program operates on a trauma-informed care model whereby staff receive training on the impact of trauma on the lives of young people and how they can help mitigate the negative impacts of that trauma, by being a supportive adult in a youth’s life.

How Can I Get Started?

Referrals are received from Probate and District Courts, the California Department
of Children and Families (DCF), Domestic Violence Programs, Social Service
Agencies, Therapists, and Attorneys, as well as self-referrals from clients

To make a direct referral, please contact our office at 916-737-1481. The office
will take all necessary information including the parties’ names as well as contact
information. Additional information and reports can be faxed to the office at 916-
737-9422 or emailed to eeast@fosterhopesac.org.