First Star Empowers Foster Youth and Increases College Attendance

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In a nation where 400,000 foster youth deal with constant instability and 50% struggle to even graduate high school, First Star is a bright light of hope that not only models the power of educational intervention, but also encourages more programs to help guide foster youth into adulthood and higher education.

This phenomenal non-profit partners with universities all over the nation to create summer programs that allow their chosen foster youth, “First Star Scholars,” to experience life at college. In addition to this life-changing experience, each month during their four years at high school, First Star Scholars meet with meet with mentors to learn about college readiness resources and general life skills.

First Star sends an impressive 91% of their student scholars to college compared to the 10% of Foster Youth that usually make it into higher education. This year, they celebrate their 20th anniversary in making foster youth’s college dreams a reality.

Perhaps the most exciting news of all is that First Star is going to be local! California Governor Newsom, whose own parents helped out in the foster system, has granted First Star $740,000 to set up an academy at Sacramento State! This specific program is planned for Fall 2019, which is…well, basically now! First Star hopes to expand their academies to other CSU’s and UC’s across California to reach as much foster youth as they can.

I, for one, am so glad that this is where my tax dollars are going. Best of luck to Sacramento State in implementing this program and we will be on the lookout for their progress in the upcoming year!

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